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Upcoming SCN2A Virtual Event: An introduction to Praxis, exploring potential treatments for the SCN2A community

Like you, we at Praxis Precision Medicines (Praxis) envision a future where there is greater understanding of SCN2A-related gene mutations and better treatments to help the children and families affected by this rare disorder.  We are committed to working with you in the spirit of meeting the needs of as many children impacted by SCN2A as possible. We believe that collaboration and innovative science will help us achieve our shared vision.

We are excited to invite you to join us for one or both of our virtual community discussions.


– Option 1: Wednesday, March 24, 5-6pm ET (US) / Thursday, March 25, 9-10am AEDT (AUS) via

– Option 2: Sunday, March 28, 12-1pm ET (US) / 5-6pm GMT (UK) via

What: A virtual discussion with the SCN2A community

– Meet members of the Praxis team

– Learn more about how Praxis is working with the SCN2A community

– Hear the latest on Praxis’ development program and our efforts to find therapies that may treat SCN2A gene mutations and get them to pediatric patients faster

We hope you can join us for an informative, open discussion. By working together, we have a greater chance of achieving our shared goal of finding new treatments for SCN2A-related disorders and improving the lives of patients and families. Thank you!