SCN2A Observational Study in partnership with Ciitizen

Praxis and Ciitizen have partnered to conduct a digital SCN2A Observational Study. Ciitizen is a free service that gives patients and caregivers an easy way to collect and organize their complete health history. By joining Ciitizen and sharing your medical records as part of the study, your data may help develop new therapies and options for the SCN2A community.


How it works:

  • No clinic visits required
  • Clinical data will be collected from patients’ health records, organized and summarized, free of charge
  • Caregivers retain full control of patients’ health records
  • With your consent, clinicians, researchers, and biopharma can access anonymized data to aid in research
  • Available now in the US with plans for worldwide availability
  • Onboarding to the Ciitizen platform requires less than 10 minutes of caregiver’s time



Benefits for patients and caregivers

  • Comprehensive patient health record collected and digitized under caregiver control
  • A ‘Personalized Disease Summary’ that enables quick access to key information
  • Easy sharing of health records and Personalized Disease Summary with diverse medical teams or to solicit second opinions
  • Detailed analysis of SCN2A patients to improve day-to-day care decisions (example: understand what medications other patients are taking, if symptoms are improving, etc)
  • Helping to accelerate treatments for SCN2A




How do I participate?

Clicking on Learn More will redirect you to the Ciitizen website.

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